Monday, October 22, 2007

Less is More When it Comes to Your Store…

While speaking at a regional PMA meeting this weekend (thanks to Jerry Sullivan at Precision Camera in Austin, Texas for all his hard work), the topic of store design came up, and it was clear from some photos depicting successful photo retail stores that less is certainly more when it comes to creating an inviting place to shop.

Today’s retailers are so aware of the cost per square foot of their stores that the instinct to cram as much as possible in each space is a strong one. It’s like watching your seven year old grab a handful of candy at the supermarket check-out counter; she just can’t help herself!

I implore you to try.

The effective use of open space and simple design can be far more appealing than trudging through nooks and crannies stacked with inventory and ‘sale’ signs. Think of your store as a stage for storytelling---what do you want to convey, and what do you want your customers to know?

You’d be amazed at what you can do with a small footprint. Find one underused area in your store and consider converting it to an open design with a colorful and thoughtful display. Then watch to see how many people are drawn to it.

Imagine a time-starved woman with two small kids in tow coming into your store searching for ideas for Christmas gifts. Is she more likely to respond to an environment that is aesthetically beautiful and colorful in design or will she prefer to search through stacks of product?

As for this mother of three?

My money’s on Choice A.

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