Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maybe the Customer Isn't Always Right...

Those of you who sell on eBay are likely aware of the company’s recent policy change that includes the fact that sellers may no longer leave negative feedback for buyers.

Customer wins a bid but doesn’t pay? Customer issues a chargeback or tries to blackmail you into a better deal or returns damaged product?

Seems that sellers are out of luck.
Since the two-way feedback system has helped both buyers and sellers stay honest, this one-way stripping of power from the sellers has caused a serious backlash. Sellers are boycotting this week, and some are closing their storefronts entirely.

Unfortunately, a company the size of eBay may not be affected by a limited boycott. It will require a mass exodus of Power Sellers to alternatives such as Amazon to get this online giant to rethink its policies.

Here are a few interesting articles on what’s happening in the eBay community. If you’re a buyer or seller, you may want to check out where things stand and how they affect you.
After all, it is your money.

From CNN Money:

Business Shrink:

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